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To better appreciate Civita d’Antino and Roveto Valley nature we can suggest you  structures for every need: from bivouacs, huts and campings, bed & breakfast, rest areas for camper vans and hotels. Contacts:

Per apprezzare Civita d’Antino e le bellezze naturali della Valle Roveto, abbiamo selezionato una rete virtuosa di operatori che opera in Civita d’Antino e nell’intera Valle Roveto: Camping, Case vacanza, Bed & Breakfast, Hotels. Per maggiori informazioni:

Discover the distinctiveness of the Roveto Valley. Excursions in the Valle Roveto with local guides: “A sense of place”. Interested in forging a relationship with the people, landscape, history, and culture of an area? This opportunity will allow you to feel like a traveler—not a tourist—where the natural beauty of the landscape complements the local cuisine, where photographers can follow the light in search of the perfect shot, where time and space take on special meaning as you explore your surroundings, not just add names to a list of “places visited”.

Authenticity is the key to the experiences that we offer: travel based on genuine cultural experiences, not herded crowds and contrived tourism opportunities. This excursion will take you to Abruzzo, peninsular Italy’s most mountainous region. In the emerald green Valle Roveto (Roveto Valley), perhaps the region’s least known area, is the picturesque town of Civita D’Antino, set upon a natural terrace offering commanding views of the surrounding mountains. Ancient polygonal walls are still visible, as are Roman epigraphs, a recently restored medieval tower, and an exquisite example of an integral Napoleonic cemetery.

On this excursion you can walk in the footsteps of Kristian Zahrtmann, the Danish painter who traveled to Civita D’Antino in 1883 in search of cool temperatures, fine wine, and the color and light that would become the hallmark of his paintings. Charmed by the beauty of the landscape and the hospitality of the townspeople, no sooner than his first afternoon in the town did he select it as the site of his summer painting school. Nearly one hundred Nordic painters, whose works are found in museums and private collections throughout the world, followed Zahrtmann to Civita D’Antino.

The valley offers a wide variety of experiences: medieval religious sanctuaries (5), photography, wine, organic olive oil , light/medium difficulty mountain walks, mountain bike excursions. At less than two hours from Rome, this excursion is particularly suited anyone who enjoys the seclusion of the mountains while taking in the natural beauty. Landscape photographers will find the area just as inspiring as did the Nordic painters. Food is prepared with meticulous care, bringing out the best ingredients that the area has to offer.

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